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Unless you have worked with a locksmith before, you are probably blank when it comes to locksmith business that so happens to be one of the world’s oldest professions. It’s important that you learn a few basics so that if you are faced with a lock emergency or situation in Brighton, you know what to do to enhance your security before your trusted Brighton locksmith comes to your rescue. Discount Locksmith Brighton CO has been in the locksmith business for a long time and has managed to win over the hearts of the Brighton residents thanks to their exemplary and reliable locksmith services.

Here are some locksmith secrets that you probably didn’t know from a trusted locksmith in Brighton.

Locksmith Brighton CO – Security Services:

The most secure and reliable lock you can get is a deadbolt

A high quality deadbolt comes along with a security plate that’s located on the strike side and a one to three inch throw extending into your door’s wooden frame. This provides you with added security because even if a person manages to pick your lock, they still won’t be able to gain access into your house. The trick with installing a deadbolt lock in your doors is to get a qualified Brighton locksmith who understands exactly what he’s doing and how deadbolts are installed. A wrongly installed deadbolt won’t do anything to add extra security to your home. Our expert technicians are well versed in installing deadbolts.

Discount Locksmith Brighton CO

Keys that say ‘don’t duplicate’ ca be duplicated

You have probably come across some keys that are written ‘ do not duplicate’ and may think they are the best keys because no one else can duplicate them, however, it so turns out that these keys can indeed be duplicated. However, if extra security is what you are after, a good locksmith can install a high security lock in your home or place of business with special keys that cannot be duplicated. Do not fall for the ‘do not duplicate’ keys you see in hardware stores as chances are that someone can duplicate them. Contact your trusted locksmith in Brighton for high security locks.

Locksmith Brighton – Must Know:

Cheap locks from supermarkets or hardware stores are very easy to tamper with

Security is a huge concern for most people, even those living in the most secure neighborhoods. As such you should be ready to spend a bit more on your locks to safeguard yourself, your family and your possessions. Buying any lock that’s less than a grade2 is taking too much risk as they are very easy to pick and most of their keys can be easily duplicated. We can help you find the best locks that are perfect for your home. Simply contact our locksmiths and they will help you out.

Brighton Co Locksmith – Call Now!

A good locksmith can duplicate car keys

Car dealers have a habit of charging exorbitant prices for duplicating car keys not to mention if you misplaced your keys, they will have you tow your car to their location at an extra cost. There’s no need for all that hassle as our Brighton locksmiths have great experience creating duplicates and better still, they can also rekey your car lock if you suspect someone could have intentionally picked your car keys. Don’t spend more than you have to by going to your car dealer, call us today and we’ll come right where your car is and create a duplicate right there at no extra cost.

Always try your door before calling a locksmith

You just get home or car and realize you don’t have your keys and the first thing you do is call your locksmith. On arrival, the locksmith discovers that the door was never locked in the first place and the keys are right next to the door. It happens even to the best of us. Always try the door and save yourself a few bucks.

Get in touch with us today and let us help you with any locksmith problem.

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